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It’s all about music!


The Eckhardt-Gramatté Conservatory of Music is delighted to invite Westman students toanother year of quality musical instruction. Through our unique partnership with Brandon University’s renowned School of Music, the Conservatory sets developing musicians on a path tosuccess with outstanding instructors, facilities, resources, performance opportunities, and accessible financial aid. We take pride in our inclusive community and are always overjoyed to welcome new students and families to our programs.


Whether students participate in individual or group instruction, they experience the joy of music- making and the motivation of learning new skills. We are always expanding our programming to encourage new musicians to join us and share in our enthusiastic, supportive community. The Brandon Conservatory Chorale welcomes students aged 5 and up, including adult singers in the Bel Canto Choir. Our popular Suzuki Talent Education Program delivers innovative experiences for student violinists, cellists, guitarists and pianists. For students involved in school band or choir programs, we are ready to help you play and sing your best!


Learning music helps build self-confidence and emotional resilience through meaningful interactions with peers and mentors. We are ready to offer safe in-person and remote instruction according to your family’s needs, and we embrace learners with exceptionalities.


For updated information about our programming, please visit our website. You can also contact Conservatory Director Dianna Neufeld at 204-727-7366 or NeufeldDi@BrandonU.ca. We look forward to connecting with you!



Dianna Neufeld